Hybrid Cloud Benefits

Hybrid Cloud Benefits

Hybrid Cloud Benefits

These days, everything goes to the “cloud”. That sounds ominous in a way, but to any IT enterprise, it means more efficient computing. Unlike most of us who may just use Apple or Google, most organizations build their own private cloud networks. These private clouds store the essential applications and data to be accessed anywhere and anytime by employees. Easy access that results in an uptick of productivity is the central goal to creating a private cloud network.

Companies with public cloud offerings (Amazon, Google, Microsoft, etc.) aren’t off the table. They can be a cheaper alternative to building an internal private cloud infrastructure. Nowadays, both private and public cloud networks can be brought together to build a hybrid cloud infrastructure. The benefits of taking such a venture are immense:

  • Business Continuity – this doesn’t mean simply backing up or recreating the information in the cloud. This means that, regardless of the disaster or failure facing your business, your company files are intact and readily accessible via the cloud access.
  • Increased Security – It is common knowledge that the security measures taken by public cloud environments is a bit lacking; one need look no further than the past Hollywood photo scandals to come to this realization. A private cloud design allows for a more secure architecture that grants the company more peace of mind when it comes to the safety of their files.  
  • Increased Speed to Market – In this modern era, the ability to quickly speed new products or developments to the eagerly waiting market becomes increasingly important. Hybrid clouds allow these new products to commissioned and deployed in an automated process that results in extremely improved speeds.

Overall, when you combine a public cloud with a configured private cloud into one platform, it is extremely beneficial and improves performance from both components. With a hybrid cloud, a business could reduce the overall total cost of ownership and improve cost efficiency. With security always being a top priority, many of those issues can be watched and maintained.

If you want to improve your business’s future and ensure the security of your files through the utilization of modern innovation, establishing a hybrid cloud is a no-brainer. Any IT project can be beneficial with several challenges, but a hybrid cloud, when properly planned and configured, can bring so much to businesses looking to minimize problems and maximize efficiency.

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