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Employee On & Off-Boarding

With the increased adoption of cloud services in today’s businesses, and in order to keep pace with innovation and the requirement for every organization to develop applications, IT is facing some new and complex issues. Today’s IT departments are constantly striving to improve productivity and security for both their own internal processes, but also for end-users, who are essentially their customers. Almost all modern IT managers are working for an organization who’s looking to modernize but are challenged with onboarding new employees, managing the many different identities lifecycles, and overseeing a cumbersome offboarding process that can entail some major security risks. This is just scratching the surface of the process but sums the issue up neatly.

As companies expand they hire on more employees and increase their usage of an always growing app catalog to help the business grow. The problem arises when IT is on the receiving end of requests to create accounts, assign permissions and licenses from both HR and frustrated end-user who sit waiting for access for days, and sometimes weeks as they get more and more frustrated. But most of the time, IT hands are tied, since they depend on a business app owner to approve access and create the new employee account. A recent study found that 8 out of 10 companies both large and small, still use unstructured manual tools such as email, spreadsheets and even personal visits to drive routine work processes, and fewer than 1 in 10 have automated applications for employee onboarding.

Once onboarded, employees are then required to manage all the different accounts and passwords for their position and will often open more IT tickets, because they’ll often forget passwords to the many applications they use to do their job. In an average organization, you will see around $500K in a value of IT and app owners valuable time spent on creating, updating, and removing accounts.

To solve all the issues above and more that weren’t even mentioned, organizations need to integrate all the separate systems that govern the identity lifecycle of a user and automate user access. This starts by connecting the HR system, which is the source of truth for when employees join, leave or move, to all the applications and permissions granted to users in the organization. An end to end automation of onboarding and offboarding processes can benefit not just the overworked IT department, but also the business and the end-users.  

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