IT Services For San Francisco Construction Firms

IT Services For San Francisco Construction Firms

IT Service and Support For The San Francisco Construction Industry

Great companies, great buildings, great teams, great communication. All of these things are great because of good, strong foundations on which they can build on and a vision to see

The topic of “strong foundations” is nothing new for a construction company. Neither is vision to see the end result. These two things, make it easy for IPSOFACTO when it comes to providing IT Services For San Francisco Construction Firms. We have them in common and it is one of the sure-fire reasons we’ve been the IT service and technology partner for firms in the Bay Area, since 1999.

From the first walky-talky (or walkie-talkie) cell phones and rugged laptops to smart glasses built into safety goggles and 3D drone surveying of construction sites, IPSOFACTO has been there through the build of tech in the SF construction industry and we’ll continue stand as a strong foundation for IT services to the contractors, builders and construction firms of San Francisco as they continue to change the landscape of one of America’s greatest cities.

Over these years of change in technology and IT services in the construction field we have been surprised to find out how many of these great construction firms don’t have the IT foundation needed to keep up with times, or even worse, how the current IT infrastructure and staffing is unknowingly holding them back. Oddly enough, regardless of the the size or sales volume of these firms, 1 to 1,000 employees, majority of the construction firms we’ve seen needing help with IT support have or had in place an IT team with less than 5 employees.

If there is an IT team in place, 1 or multiple employees, than why do construction companies still need help with IT Services?

  • Perception of IT strategy – A larger amount of construction firms see IT staffing and support with the “Depends” mentality. Their IT team depends on the number of tech solutions, hardware or software needing support. Their IT staffing depends on scope and size of upcoming projects and others say it depends on their current budget.


  • Legacy Systems & Legacy Staff – Information Technology is a constant change. What was once suitable during a firm’s 2 to 5 years in operation is no longer sufficient. In fact, it’s now legacy and every legacy, whether good or bad gets left behind. Old systems can easily leave your current IT guys unintentionally holding you hostage from updated technology, networks or more cost effective and efficient IT systems.
  • Budget Friend or Foe – The availability, functionality and affordability of IT is consistently improving. Although for many construction firms in San Francisco, the idea of budgeting for additional staff to support their tech needs hold them back from a more modernized and effective infrastructure.


Now, let’s go back to the opening statement here. Great companies, strong foundations and vision. That’s what we build and we build it with IT and technology. Great companies have vision, they are stable, experience change and push towards growth. These all call for an IT Partner that understands your industry, needs, concerns and goals. An IT Firm that can give your contracting, building or construction firm the technology foundation it needs in order to get the tough job done.

At IPSOFACTO, we’ll tailor an IT support solution specifically for your firm. You don’t have to worry about the cost of an added salary by bringing on more staff. We assign a team of 5 techs and engineers to each one of our client accounts. That’s a fully comprehensive and experienced tech team for less than cost of 1 full time Jr. IT guy.

Learn more about our construction firm IT services in San Francisco here. Contact us with any questions. Let start winning more bids and enjoying increased productivity with the freed up resources and savings that a partnership with IPSOFACTO provides. 

Steve Boullianne, Multiple post-graduate degrees, Mind/Body/Spirit enthusiast, & a member of Mensa. Loves Skiing, Scuba, and Food. Steve’s First job out of college was programming satellites for AT&T. Founded IPSOFACTO in 1996, Y2K boom, e-Commerce super success, 2.1 boom. Steve is ready to Mediate high quality for all life, our one planet, and human kindness. Loves to dance and tell jokes. Steve believes that Excellent Communication is key to human success (and failure). Steve has 3 sons who are his STARS. They will carry the world into a brilliant future. Since 1996, Steve has been a volunteer drug and alcoholism counselor in the Bay Area. The power of the Great Spirit is in you. Steve is a good friend to have.


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