The Importance of Data Backups and Management

The Importance of Data Backups and Management

The Importance of Data Backups and Management For Bay Area Firms

How many times did you have this thought come across your mind, “Oh, why didn’t I press the save button?”  (While bashing your head against the wall).

This problem can occur from time to time, but the real importance relies on the ability to manage your data correctly.

Data recovery typically implies the restoration of data to a desktop/ laptop, server or some other form external storage.

Human error causes most of the lost data, but it’s also very common for information to be breached when data is transferred from person to person.

Let’s not forget equipment failures, software crashes, accidental data deletion, power outages or natural disasters.

But don’t be anxious, because in the modern IT era and with IPSOFACTO, there is a solution to almost every data corruption or loss.

Data Management

Data management and backups for A&D Firms in the bay areaThere are several ways to protect your data. Managing huge servers in-house or moving to in-cloud storage are a couple common ways firms in San Francisco go about achieving it. Most of the applications have the ability of quick sorting (For instance, in architecture – Auto Cad, Revit, In Design.), but there is always a problem with iterations that can chew up data storage.

Data Management is the best way to gain complete control over your data and data assets, while keeping local servers and hardware running at peak performance.

IPSOFACTO, IT Services, handles this by creating data management strategies unique to each one of the different A&D Firms that we work with.

Data Management Strategies

For Architecture and Design Firms in San Francisco, there is nothing more important than building an efficient, sustainable and redundant system to ensure your data is kept safe like the king that it is.

The Main goal of creating data strategies is to develop a business pattern where data is stored, controlled, monitored, protected and can be handled in a way that is easily accessible by the client.

Centralizing data will give you control over sensitive information and possible loss or leak of information. By doing this we you are reducing the potential internal breach and risks of malware. Data consumption must be relative and controlled.

Depending on the structure of your firm you may not have a Chief Data Officer (CDO), that can set policies for how this data is managed, monitored and used. That’s where the team of engineers at IPSOFACTO comes into play as your outsourced IT team. Our experience in managing big data and Outsourced IT for Architecture and Design firms in San Francisco will be the extra layer of security that your firm needs to feel at ease when it comes to data management and backups.

Data Backups

A Computer crashes, the hard drive fails, the Physical computer gets damaged or stolen?

Saving your information to a separate location other than your computer makes far more sense in terms of reliability.

Despite your best intention to forge a copy of your working files, family photos, or your library of office humor GIFS,  you should never leave your data unprotected without regular backups in place.

It’s a best practice for IPSOFACTO to ensure that your files and data are always backed up. We offer a range of options to make sure this is always done. Cloud systems. Backup storages.

Storing your files online and in the cloud, is an excellent choice to avoid loss due to any physical damage or corruption, giving you ease of access to the cloud hosted storage from any other device.

So, now that you know all of the best ways to protect your information and data, what are you waiting for, go out there and make some backups or contact IPSFOACTO, IT Services for your San Francisco Firm.

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