Offsite Back-Ups by eFolder

Offsite Back-Ups by eFolder

IPSOFACTO is a partner of eFolder, the safest and most thoughtful way to reliably provide off-site backup services for your data, safeguarding against silent data corruption, something other hosting services don’t talk about. With eFolder, the data you get back after months or years will be 100% usable and not slightly corrupted by silent data corruption.

eFolder Backup is an automated data backup and restore system providing powerful tools to protect important data. eFolder Backup requires no human assistance beyond initial setup. eFolder Backup is highly secure and only the user has access to their stored data.

It works by:

  • Installing a small client software application on the local computer to manage all of the data protection and restoration.
  • Using data Deltas to maintain, archive and shadow copies of deleted files for business continuity.
  • Encrypting and storing data at an eFolder secure data center.
  • Using the Restore Wizard to allow safe, reliable data retrieval.
  • Providing multiple control layers continually and 256-bit block checksums.

Case Study related to Back-Up solutions and eFolder

Case Study related to Business Continuity Plans using eFolder

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