Outsourced IT And How We Are Different

IPSOFACTO. Working For Our Client's Clients!

Outsourced IT And How We Are Different

Outsourced IT And IPSOFACTO

IPSOFACTO has been a leader in High-Touch IT Services in San Francisco for 20 years. Our competitors usually embrace a model where the client pays for computers to talk to computers, and services are outsourced to anonymous help desks in India or the Philippines. IPSOFACTO believes that in San Francisco, service between humans talking and thinking is the path to success. IPSOFACTO built the entire infrastructure for Andreessen Horowitz, the world’s largest VC firm. AHi built it’s success on thoughtful creativity, and hand selected IPSOFACTO’s team and philosophy to achieve success. Of course, IPSOFACTO has invested over $3m in fancy Managed Services systems, but they always take a back seat to the Human Exchange. IPSOFACTO does not believe the computers and gadgets are Civilized. IPSOFACTO does believe that Humans are creating a beautiful and peaceful Civilization and we are working together, face to face, to do so.

How We Are Different

IPSOFACTO is the ONLY firm chosen by the world’s largest VC firm, Andreessen Horowitz, to not only build the entire IT Infrastructure at AH, but also to help build several of their SF based portfolio companies. IPSOFACTO is uniquely qualified to build the road maps for PE/VC events for startup firms. Start-up firms with on P&P Envelope are often overlooked by VC/PE at time of sale. The best metaphor for a start-up with no P&P Envelope is that it’s land with a bunch of farm animals on it, but no fences, buildings, barns, water, structure, work flow mapping, etc. A real farm has fences, etc. Nobody wants to buy a ‘farm’ with no fences. Also, IPSOFACTO is the only company in SF to be entirely focused on bringing IT Joy to a firm. Our goal is NOT money (well, enough to get by on) but we believe in a Long View, and always have. Our Long View is that by saving a client money every month, they will trust us with their ‘saved’ money and accept our recommendations to buy better more robust tools. IPSOFACTO is the only IT Services firm to do a “Our Client’s Clients” analysis. That means that we want to build the IT that best serves our Client’s Clients.  

Steve Boullianne, High school drop-out. College drop-out. A go-go dancer in Amsterdam. LOVED computers, programmed satellites for AT&T. Founded IPSOFACTO in 1996, Y2K boom, Dot-Com boom, 2.0 boom. Likes his smallish company and human relationships; not into big anonymous IT. Loves to tell jokes. Loves and Hates technology; pick up the phone, ok? Thinks on line hook up sites have saved the world from AIDS and DateRape. Thinks his kids are better collaborators and world leaders thanks to video games. Is still a hip-hop dancer; is NOT a Brony. Loves San Francisco; Hates the homeless crisis. Tells young people to buy real estate, as soon as possible. Don’t rent. Hopes his final years are spent handing out blankets, food, clothes, and medical supplies.