Your Small Business Wifi San Francisco

Small Business WiFi San Francisco

Your Small Business Wifi San Francisco

Take a stroll through any modern office and you can all but guarantee that you will encounter technology out the wazoo. Nowadays, technology is the driving force behind business growth, communication with customers, and office management, all propelled into the world outside the office through the use of the Internet. However, even small businesses cannot rely on your run-of-the-mill home WiFi to keep them connected; instead, they must utilize a business-grade WiFi access point, which are extremely reliable under sustained, heavy usage, qualities that are unlikely to be found in an access point acquired from the Best Buy bargain-bin. Here are some of the characteristics of a strong small business WiFi  San Francisco setup to be taken into consideration.


A good WiFi setup will have support for multiple SSIDs. Unlike the average consumer’s home WiFi access point that typically only support one wireless network, a business-grade access point setup will allow for the ability to create scores of wireless networks. Even more importantly, each SSID (Service Set IDentifier) can be assigned a different access policy, enhancing the overall network security of the business. Another advantage of this setup is the ability to support guest users in the building without granting them unlimited access to the inner workings of the company. The business can create an Internet-enabled SSID for guest utilization that is isolated from the remainder of the networks, and can choose to change the password or disable the network when its use is no longer required.

Reliable Networks

A business-grade access point will be easily manageable, allowing the business to make changes to the different configurations from a central location, which then proliferates throughout the entirety of the networks. Some of these systems even maintain the capacity to move users seamlessly from an overloaded WiFi to a less busy one, allowing for constant productivity without the hassle of struggling through overworked Internet access. The users will also be far less likely to encounter frequent disconnects from latency sensitive programs like Skype or FaceTime while walking around the office between different networks, which is made possible through various controller-managed techniques to minimize the time needed to switch between access points

Power over Ethernet

Finally, a good business setup will use PoE (Power over Ethernet) for power. This eliminates the need to run numerous power cables throughout the office to individual access points, allowing for much greater server reliability, as it is much simpler to replace industry standard compliant PoE network switches or power injectors than external power adapters.

We Can Help

By using IPSOFACTO IT Services you can upgrade the Wifi you use for your small business. We can streamline your Wifi needs without much difficulty. Contact us today to see how we can be of service.

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