Server Support San Francisco

Server Support

Based out of the FiDi and serving clients throughout San Francisco, we assist our clients with all their server requirements. Whether a standalone box, virtual environment or highly redundant cloud infrastructure, our engineers will ensure your projects are completed on-time and within budget.

  • Server Support and Repair
  • Server Migrations
  • Server Security and Maintenance
  • Server Virtualization

For more information on how virtualization can save you money and increase uptime, give us a call or request a free consultation. 

Server Migrations

As operating systems age they inherently have bug fixes and service packs released. These often have a negative performance impact on the original code and over time will slow down your systems. In addition, new versions of software will stop being supported and many security features are unable to be implemented.

IPSOFACTO recommend that you are always within one iteration of the latest operating system release to ensure patching compliance and application support but moving all your data can be a real hassle. Our engineers will audit your machine, check with software vendors and find the correct upgrade path for your needs. We will even schedule downtime out of hours, so as not to affect productivity, seamlessly upgrading your performance and security in one go.

Server Security and Maintenance

When setting up your network environment many smaller IT firms disregard security, perhaps not changing the admin passwords, disabling firewalls or not installing antivirus due to performance issues. While these mistakes are fairly obvious to an IT professional, how do you know if your server and workstations are managed correctly? Our reporting tool will regularly scan your network and passwords checking for flaws and reporting back to us.

An often overlooked piece of security is ensuring that your applications and operating systems are patched to the latest versions. Whether Adobe Flash Player or Windows Updates, by not installing these security patches you are opening the door to malicious code and possible data loss. Our management tools allow us to produce live reporting and remediation of all patches and ensure 100% compliance across your network.

Server Virtualization

Before virtualization, if you wanted a new file server or web server you would have to buy the hardware and set it up from scratch. Now, by allocating portions of a server or multiple servers’ processors, memory and storage you can pool their resources together in a cluster. It is not uncommon for 3 “Host” servers to run over 100 virtual machines.

The intelligent software will move resources around between your virtual machines as needed and on the fly. You can create almost instant backups of entire servers for testing or migration and simply roll back or apply the changes after the event. Using the same intelligent technology, the cluster is aware of failure on one of the servers and will automatically move virtual machines to another host to ensure uptime.