Setting up Time Machine Backups Using a Buffalo Linkstation

Setting up Time Machine Backups Using a Buffalo Linkstation

Issue: Setting up Time Machine Backups using a Buffalo Linkstation

Affects: Mac computers


Step 1: To use the LinkStation as a location for backups from a Mac running Time Machine, begin by creating a folder for the backups. Log into the web console for the LinkStation, then in Shared Folder Setup, click on Create Folder.

Step 2: Name the folder. Make sure that Apple is checked for Shared Folder Attributes. Disable Recycle Bin support. Click Save.

Step 3: Navigate to Extensions/Time Machine and click Modify Settings.

Step 4: Enable Time Machine. For the Target Folder, choose the folder you created for the backups. Click Save.

Step 5 : Enter the Mac’s “Computer Name” (from its Sharing page) as the Target Host Name. For the Target MAC address, enter the Mac’s Ethernet ID from Advanced Settings in its Network preferences page. See the next page for instructions on finding the right values for these fields. Click Create when done.

The name for the Target Host Name field can be found just under the Computer Name on the Sharing page in System Preferences. It is circled in red in the screenshot to the left. Do not include the part after the first period. By default, the Target Host name will be the same as the Computer Name above it unless you have changed it. To work with Time Machine, this name should contain only the following characters: 0123456789abcdefghijklmnopqrstu vwxyz-ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ. Spaces and other characters should not be used if Time Machine is to function properly.

For the Target MAC address, enter the Mac’s Ethernet MAC Address from System Profiler, located in Applications/Utilities. Make sure that you are looking at the Ethernet MAC Address and not the AirPort MAC Address, as they will be different.

It will take several minutes for the image file to be created. The file TargetHostName_TargetMACAddress. sparsebundle is being created in the backup folder. To be safe, wait ten minutes before continuing.

Step 6 : After ten minutes have passed, open the Finder. Click on All below Shared. Find your LinkStation’s “TimeMachine” in the window and double-click on it. Close the Finder.

Step 7 : Open Time Machine. Click on Choose Backup Disk.

Step 8 : Choose your LinkStation from the list and click Use for Backup. In 120 seconds, Time Machine will begin running a backup.

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