Personal Digital Theft VS. Business Digital Theft

Personal Digital Theft VS. Business Digital Theft

personal and business digital theftWhat is the MOST common way PEOPLE get hacked AND lose money?
The most common way that PEOPLE get hacked and lose money is through PHISHING SCAMS. Phishing scams typically involve tricking individuals into providing personal or financial information by posing as a trustworthy entity, such as a bank or government agency. Once scammers have this information, they can use it to access accounts, make unauthorized purchases, or steal identities. Other common methods of hacking and financial fraud include malware attacks, password breaches, and social engineering tactics.

What is the MOST common way a BUSINESS gets hacked AND loses money?
The most common way a BUSINESS gets hacked and loses money is through PHISHING ATTACKS. These attacks involve hackers sending fraudulent emails or messages to employees, tricking them into clicking on a malicious link, downloading malware, or providing sensitive information such as login credentials. Once the hacker gains access to the company’s network, they can steal data, install ransomware, or commit financial fraud. Phishing attacks are increasingly sophisticated and can be difficult to detect, making them a major threat to businesses of all sizes.

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