Transferring Emails From Outlook to a Free (non apps) Gmail Account

Transferring Emails From Outlook to a Free (non apps) Gmail Account

Issue: Transferring emails from Outlook to a free (non apps) Gmail account.

Affects: Outlook

Solution/Process: Google offers a free sync and email upload tool for Google Apps accounts coming from Outlook. However, there is no support for free gmail accounts. The way to transfer emails in such a situation is to use IMAP. Here are the steps:

Export the folders/emails you want from Outlook to a new .pst file

Create a new mail profile and new account and import the .pst file

Add a new account using the gmail IMAP settings:

Copy the folders from the imported .pst file to the [Gmail]

Your mail will now show up online in your gmail account

  • Note – copying these folders may take some time. It is possible that if the folder is big enough it will lock up and cause Outlook to crash. In this case, it may be better to copy the emails in groups instead of as a whole folder.
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