Make money with your WiFi

Make money with your WiFi

Make money with your WiFi

You’ve probably been in a situation where you needed WiFi but couldn’t access it. Perhaps you wanted an Internet connection for an immediate business need, or maybe you were looking for walking directions in an unfamiliar neighbourhood. Regardless of your reason, you likely would have paid for WiFi access if the option were available. Did you know that some people rent out their WiFi access to strangers? If this service were available to you, you probably would have paid a couple bucks for access. This need to stay connected is what makes renting out your WiFi a profitable endeavour. Aside from allowing people to use your WiFi for money, you can also use your WiFi for real-time data analytics that will help you tailor your business offerings to your customers. Here’s a list of how to make money with your WiFi.

Set up a Bluetooth beacon to advertise pay-for-use access

There are many companies that help you sell your WiFi to others. And selling your WiFi service is how to make money with WiFi. Using a Bluetooth beacon, you can set up a system where you let those looking for WiFi in the area know about your WiFi rental offer.

Use WiFi to collect data

Let’s say you offer free WiFi to your customers. Your customers enjoy the convenience, but you should get something out of the exchange, too. In order to provide WiFi access, have your customers complete an online survey to connect. This survey can include questions about your business, your customer’s satisfaction, or anything else you’d like to know about your customer. Most customers will gladly go through the process as long as the survey is not too lengthy. In return, you’ll gain invaluable insights about your customers.

Provide a perk through WiFi

With a beacon or WiFi with location enabled, you’ll be able to share specials with your customers to entice them through the door. Local restaurants have a lot of success with this by providing discounts to customers who fulfil certain requirements, like a minimum spend or the purchase of a particular menu item.

Give your customers some control

You can use your in-shop WiFi to allow customers to personalize their shopping experience. Allow customers to change the music or the lighting with a minimum purchase, or give them the opportunity to do something else unique that feels empowering.

Your WiFi is a resource that should be working for you. Whether you rent your WiFi connection out to strangers or customers, or you use your WiFi for customer data, WiFi is a powerful business tool. And you can make money with your WiFi. Don’t let it go to waste by simply allowing free access and getting nothing in return.

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