What Is Network Security

What Is Network Security

What Is Network Security

Better Business Operation with Network Security

Information is the lifeblood of your firm, and you have to do all it takes to keep it safe. Employee data, credit card transaction and other sensitive business memos are all at a risk of being hacked. This information is flowing freely through the company’s network infrastructure, and they are the details that give your firm its competitive edge.

Criminals and attackers have become more sophisticated, and they keep coming up with more hacking means, and static technology may not be of much help. With the current increased use of mobile devices, cloud-based applications, and social network, it is critical to secure all your vital business assets. Besides the notorious hackers and cyber attackers, even your employees may unknowingly threaten your network by opening emails carrying viruses or simply opening the wrong websites.

Network security is there to defend your information. It takes all power and precision to stop cyber attackers from accessing your data. Network security can be implemented in different ways which are;

  • Hardware appliance – These are network equipment installed on the system mostly in the direct line of network traffic. When the appliances are in line, they can stop security threats instead of just monitoring and informing you about them.
  • Software – This security software is installed on the PC’s or the server to enable network protection.
  • As a cloud-based service – This is the network security that is outsourced from a third party provider. It is offered to the organization as a service known as cloud service.

Network security comes in various types which include;

Network access control

This is a measure when you can control who can and cannot access your network. You attain this by identifying which devices and users can access your network. You can then enforce various security measures, for example, blocking some devices and putting controls on what other people can do with your network. You can also use behavioral analytic tools to identify any abnormal behaviors. Moreover, you can use firewalls where you put a barrier between your network and the untrusted outside networks. This will help you control your employees and any bad website.

Application security

As the name states, this protection protects your applications. Many of business’ operations run on applications, and that is why this security is vital.

Antivirus and anti-malware software

This is the software used to protect your network against malware and anything that comes from viruses. Malware is very dangerous since it can stay calmly in your system for a long time before attacking. Antivirus and anti-malware deal with this threat by scanning for any malware entry, then tracking files later scanning all the files to see if any was affected.

Email security

Email system in business is paramount, and the email gateways are the greatest threat to security; thus email security is vital to have. If attackers access your personal information, they could use it against your business like by blackmailing you or sending emails on your behalf to clients. Email security helps you to block such attackers and also control what is sent out through your email.

With the changing technology, the world has changed too. Every business that wants to deliver quality services to the clients and staff, and trying to make it through the competitive market successfully must protect its network. This will also help to protect the firm’s reputation. Do not hesitate to get this measure implemented in your organization, and you will not regret it.

IPSOFACTO IT Services has been a leader in the network security sector for years and we know exactly how to keep your business and secrets safe.

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