Bluetooth Beacons and Wireless Routers

Bluetooth Beacons and Wireless Routers

Bluetooth Beacons and Wireless Routers


This article explains how Bluetooth beacons and wireless routers function. Both Bluetooth beacons and wireless routers are a standard type of device offering access and they can both interact with a local network of devices. If you have a business and you need to be tied to a local network of your company then you need a wireless router. Therefore, a wireless router is a type of equipment that can be used in a local network when necessary.

For example, your goal is to share the internet to a pair of buildings, and you do not want to put a cable between the two buildings, so you may wonder how to proceed. It may be necessary to provide an outdoor antenna gain in the second building. depending on the topology of places. Also, it is better to be in direct view between the two to make a decent bridge, but if the distance is not very large in your case it should work regardless. Then the wireless router will launch a protocol in the network and that will give an individual a number on the net.

In the first building, you should intend to place a shared Wifi router, and you should put an access point in the second building so that both can communicate. Via a wifi router, you should have a network listed via wifi and the network on the local network side. For example, with your local network of your box and an access point of the box, you are in one network.

Then connect the network port called “WAN” of the router to the network port called “LAN” of the modem or the box. These other local networks can be subnet networks of your own local network or networks that have nothing to do with your local network. All these devices have as gateway the IP address of the box, and when an equipment wants to communicate with a machine that is not in the same IP plane, it sends the IP packets to the box that will follow on its WAN interface (ADSL for example).

When deployed inside a building, Bluetooth beacons allow users to create a user micro-location service that allows them to communicate contextualized information in a proactive manner. The vast majority of beacons are based on the same recipe: a compact object, two to three centimeters wide and a few millimeters thick, easily added to a key ring. They often cost around $25 and promise to help you find your belongings, by warning you when you forget them and by telling you where they were seen last.

Beacons with only a Bluetooth link usually cost less than $25, and those with a long-range link are much more expensive, especially if they also include a GPS receiver. For example, businesses located in a shopping mall can use a beacon to send promotional offers to a nearby customer. It is also a bidirectional link, allowing some beacons to contact the phone to which they are paired. Thus, not only can the smartphone find the beacon, but the beacon can also ring the smartphone, in case you forget it under the cushions of the sofa.


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