Impact of Internet on Business

Impact of Internet on Business

Benefits of Good Business Internet

Want to Increase Revenue and Visibility? Having High-Speed Internet Gives a Business a Host of Benefits That Can Maximize the Potential in Your Organization.

While you might not realize it, an internet connection is an important aspect of business. Not only can it help you reach a wider customer base, but there are cost-saving, file sharing, and cloud sharing benefits, too.

The internet has helped to level the playing field for small businesses to compete with larger companies. You can now reach a wider audience, offer more features site-wide and help your staff optimize the tools they need to increase productivity. Here are a few benefits that you will find with having a strong internet connection in the workplace.

Increasing Your Customer Base

Ready for a stronger online presence? Business owners that understand how to use the Internet in conjunction with marketing tools and social media features, can increase their visibility like never before and faster than ever! No longer do you have to create large signage and send mailers to potential customers to solicit business. How-to videos, tutorials, product demonstrations and other multimedia content can instantly help you reach and connect with customers all over the world.

Your high-speed internet presence gives you an audience that is now global. By reaching these future clients with the products and services they want, you can scale your business just from a few keywords and PPC ads. You can even use online tracking features to help you target the products potential customers want as you optimize your ads. Because high-speed internet allows you to fluidly shift from one ad to the next, the possibilities are endless!

24-Hour Business and No Delays

Who takes a day off any longer? With high-speed internet, your business is now open 24-hours a day because the web never sleeps. This gives customers the advantage of placing their orders anytime – day or night, as it minimizes the wait time and allows customers to make instant purchases. If you add features like texting customer support, your high-speed internet connect will help.

Your internet speed also optimizes ads and gives you faster loading times. According to Kissmetrics, a landing page should open in about 2-seconds as 73% of potential customers will close a page if there’s a delay. When you add high-speed internet and work with your marketer, this can optimize your ads and decrease page load times.

Cost Effective Connection

Think speed doesn’t matter? On the contrary, it means more than you know. With a dedicated internet connection, you don’t have to worry about outages, your pages load faster and you can reach more customers online. Keep in mind, your internet speed isn’t just about one person getting online, it’s for your entire office.

Your employees may have large files and sharing features that they need to rely on. With symmetric connectivity, you don’t have to worry about slow internet speeds, frozen screens, and oversubscribed networks. Optimized features will let you can load videos, use high-quality images and optimize searches and settings with your increased bandwidth.

Faster File Sharing and Cloud Features

Your business needs high-speed internet for file sharing and collaboration through cloud sharing features. That means the easy transfer of files especially when you need it – before meetings, during online conferences, and with clients. Your high speed internet even helps you minimize the need to install large servers. By using cloud storage features, you can save money that would normally be spent on on-site IT storage or off-site disaster back-ups.

One Fast Connect for All Your Business Needs

Your high-speed internet connection is the heart of your business. It connects your phone service through VoIP systems and links all of your telecommunication devices. From Toshiba phones and Polycom Soundstations, to audio conferencing and auto call routing, you can increase the quality of your connections with seamless integration at lower costs.

Compete More Effectively

By investing in your business, you can optimize the features you currently use and have enough bandwidth to help you stay competitive in your industry. While it might sound more cost-effective to use a standard connection, that often comes at the expense of technological capabilities that can maximize your growth potential.

If you’re interested in learning more about how a high-speed internet connection can benefit your business and minimize telecommunication disruptions, contact Ipsofacto. Let us help you learn about the benefits of high-speed business internet so you can increase your speed – and efficiency. Contact Ipsofacto today!

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