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Large File Storage

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Large File Storage

Architecture and design firms are no strangers to large files. The programs they use often produce enormous files that shuffle through many groups to be adjusted throughout the creation process. It only stands to reason that, in turn, it’s vital for architecture and design firms to have a solid and reliable large file storage backup.

One of the most important tools among architecture and design firms is AutoDesk AutoCAD. However, along with this program comes quite the punch in file size. On top of that, it requires licensing and upgrades. When this tool doesn’t work, it becomes costly and work can’t be completed. This makes having a backup a vital component to keeping things running smoothly and efficiently.

Setting up a network is also a vital aspect of keeping the flow of an architecture or design firm. It needs to be a network where these large files can be passed around easily and efficiently. As mentioned before, these files go through various groups in the creation process. It can get costly if time is wasted by simply getting the file to and from the various groups it must go through. IPSOFACTO has Autocad controllers who can make sure that staff is always happy and productive. Great, one aspect is covered easily enough.

It’s worth every dollar to have a well-done backup and cloud storage setup. Backing up, transferring, and accessing files is crucial in architecture and design. If done badly, it can be a costly waste of time and resources. Not to mention, an unnecessary headache that could have been avoided.

A great way to avoid losing files is to have them backed up in multiple places. Cloud backup shouldn’t be the only option, however, it’s the best option. Having a network-attached storage with two mirrored drives is a great way to be covered in more than one way. If it’s preferred to go even further, having a physical backup is never a bad idea.

AutoDesk AutoCAD isn’t the only program used by architecture and design firms—far from it, actually. If it can be imagined the large files that AutoCAD puts out, imagine a plethora of other programs pumping out similar sized files. Now, imagine after working for endless hours on a project in connection with many other groups and minds, that those files just up and disappeared. That sinking feeling in your stomach is something that can be avoided by going the extra mile on a large file storage. Not just the options you choose to store these files, but how it’s set up to back up these files is a crucial step that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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