Why your Startup needs a Strong WIFI Network?

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Why your Startup needs a Strong WIFI Network?

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Why your Startup needs a Strong WIFI Network?

Why Your Startup Needs a Strong WIFI Network

No matter what products or services your startup business offers, you will use the internet and computer technology. WIFI is a good choice for startups and a strong WIFI network is mandatory. In fact, you can use your WIFI network both at your workplace and offsite with mobile hotspots. Here are some thoughts on why you should use WIFI and why your startup needs a strong WIFI network.

Forget the Expense of All of Those Cables

When your workplace has WIFI, your employees can work anywhere on site. And, as you grow and add employees, you will not need to continually reconfigure and lay new cables. The infrastructure of a wireless workplace is easier to organize and tends to improve teamwork and productivity.

Working Offsite

For increased productivity from your employees offsite, use their mobile devices as dedicated hotspots. A smartphone, tablet, laptop, or even an MP3 player can provide 3G and 4G internet access via your cellular provider. This allows anyone who is offsite to work as though they were at your workplace. Workers stay in touch better with their colleagues and have better access to important data. For anyone who travels a lot, this can be critical.

In this day and age, everyone ought to know that the free WIFI in the hotel lobby or restaurant is not secure. But, a dedicated mobile hotspot is accessible only by your employees. And, there are no access fees for using your own mobile hotspot.


In order to attract and keep uniquely talented individuals, you may wish to let them work from home at least part of the time. This can be especially important for a startup when you really need the person’s skills twenty hours a week instead of forty, sixty, or eighty. Another advantage is that two or three employees can share the same space at work, just on different days. Using dedicated home hotspots, you can recruit better talent, save on salaries, and reduce workplace expense.

Why Your Startup Needs a Strong WIFI Network

Why you need strong WIFI, especially in a mobile world, is so that your competition does not “listen in” on what you are doing, steal your code, text, project data, notes, receipts, or procedural info. Your workers are, hopefully, smart enough to use their device as a mobile hotspot instead of using the WIFI at the coffee house. But, is your WIFI robust and safe from being hacked, or is security a feature that is sadly lacking? WIFI, like everything else in the tech world, keeps progressing. And so do the risks. At Ipsofacto IT Services we work with every security threat imaginable. If your WIFI is weak, we will tell you how to strengthen it. And, we will help you maintain the security of your network as times change. Best of all, let us look at your system and install WIFI that you can efficiently and safely use for the next decade.

We Know Startups

We have been helping startups for more than two decades. After all, we are located in San Francisco! We realize that you have a great idea but need to start out on a very tight budget. We know from lots of past experience that as you succeed you will need to scale up quickly and that will include your WIFI capabilities.

It is our business to know that every step of the way security is a threat as your competitors both next door and offshore are continually circling and looking for a way into your network. Because you work day and night and because problems occur at the very worst times, we are available twenty four-hours a day, seven days a week to deal with problems.

Ipsofacto IT Services will help you stay ahead of the game with your WIFI and all other IT functions as you grow by analyzing the functionality and security of all systems and equipment. It can be really easy to focus on the development your products and services and not see a disaster sneaking up behind you in the form of a disgruntled former employee who still has the login to your WIFI that you have not changed for a year. Why your startup needs a strong WIFI network is to keep your communication and information safe. Why you need Ipsofacto IT Services for the task is because we know WIFI, we know startups, and we do our job very well.

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