LOVING IT; How to Love people (and not the machines…) Article 5 of 6

LOVING IT; How to Love people (and not the machines…) Article 5 of 6

LOVING IT; How to Love people (not so much the machines…)


Hi Gang- Me here. Steve Boullianne. The love Ambassador of IT. (corny right? but why not. Love solves everything).


People ask what separates IPSO Employees from the other IT folks. And it’s love. We promote Love everywhere we can.


Did you hear? Something went wrong in IT about 15 years ago when IT people became proud and mean, short tempered, selfish and controlling. (Hint, it wasn’t just me….)


Why? Because Technology makes people like that. It’s on all the time, must work all the time, and has SO many rules on how to care for it. Mess up some of those rules and you get bugs-n-junk, anger, total failure. It’s not like feeding fish or doing your laundry.


What made IT people ‘unloving’: fear, pride, suspicion, meanness, and the ‘attitude of ingratitude’.


Oh Lawdy, I have worked with some ungrateful IT people. Yikes.






Love is vulnerable.

Love is truthful.

Love is kind and gentle.

Love is thoughtful

Love is respectful, patient.

Love is slow, careful, and EXTREMELY INTELLIGENT


So what’s the best way to live life at work. It’s love. And if our decisions are from the ‘love place’, they’ll be good decisions. If the decisions are from the ‘mean place’, they’ll be bad decisions. Parents!! Follow the same rules for your kids as for your adults.



Steve Boullianne, High school drop-out. College drop-out. A go-go dancer in Amsterdam. LOVED computers, programmed satellites for AT&T. Founded IPSOFACTO in 1996, Y2K boom, Dot-Com boom, 2.0 boom. Likes his smallish company and human relationships; not into big anonymous IT. Loves to tell jokes. Loves and Hates technology; pick up the phone, ok? Thinks on line hook up sites have saved the world from AIDS and DateRape. Thinks his kids are better collaborators and world leaders thanks to video games. Is still a hip-hop dancer; is NOT a Brony. Loves San Francisco; Hates the homeless crisis. Tells young people to buy real estate, as soon as possible. Don’t rent. Hopes his final years are spent handing out blankets, food, clothes, and medical supplies.


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