PROTECTING Your Digital Assets

PROTECTING Your Digital Assets

Below are the Top 8 Points that businesses should examine to secure their digital assets, with 1 being the least expensive and easiest to implement, and most effective for digital security (for data assets- no cameras) with 8 being the most expensive and hardest to implement, and least effective for digital security.

protecting digital assets1. Enforce Strong Passwords
Enforcing strong passwords is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to secure your digital assets. Make sure that employees use unique and long passwords and encourage them to change those passwords regularly. Using a password management tool can help to keep passwords secure and easily accessible.

2. Deploy Antivirus and Anti-Malware Software
Antivirus and anti-malware software are essential tools for protecting against cybercrime. These tools help to detect and remove malware, viruses, and other malicious software, which can compromise your digital assets. Make sure that all devices are equipped with antivirus and anti-malware software and that they are updated regularly.

3. Use Two-Factor Authentication
Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security by requiring two modes of identification before granting access to digital assets. This can include a password and a security token, a fingerprint, or a one-time code sent via SMS. Two-factor authentication can help to prevent unauthorized access to your data.

4. Establish Access Controls
Access controls restrict access to digital assets to authorized personnel. Make sure that employees only have access to the data and systems that are essential to their roles. Implementing access controls reduces the risk of accidental or intentional data breaches.

5. Encrypt Sensitive Data
Encrypting sensitive data is a crucial method for increasing digital security. Encrypting data disguises it as an unrecognizable string of characters, making it useless to a hacker. Modern encryption methods are user-friendly and can be utilized through built-in features on hardware and software.

6. Conduct Regular Employee Training
Most data breaches are caused by employee error or negligence, making constant training a necessity. Send regular cybersecurity training and awareness videos, hold monthly cybersecurity meetings, and provide refresher courses throughout the year. Teach them how to recognize and report potential cyber-attacks.

7. Implement Network Segmentation
Network segmentation isolates different sections of a network to limit the damage of potential cyber-attacks. Separating a network into sections keeps confidential data separate from public-facing data. This limits the avenues of attack open to hackers, giving them a smaller target to hit.

8. Penetration Testing
Penetration testing often requires costly software allowing a cybersecurity professional to simulate attacks on data that is both ‘running live’ and data that is ‘backed up’. Attacks on data that is backed up is risky and may damage your data backups, however, Hackers often access backed up data since it is the least obvious kind of attack. Penetration testing to simulate attacks on ‘live data’ is also risky since it attacks data which is presently in use by staff.

In conclusion, securing digital assets is essential to keep your business operating smoothly. Maintaining cybersecurity should be a top priority, as data breaches cost on average $3.8mil per incident and damage the company’s reputation. Enforcing strong passwords, deploying antivirus software, and conducting regular employee training are all relatively easy and cost-effective methods for securing digital assets. However, deploying network segmentation or penetration testing are more expensive and complicated measures to safeguard digital assets in the long term.

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