Veeam Security

Veeam Security

IT Veeam Security OptionBelow is a checklist for Veeam Security Systems at a client with 80 employees, 12 virtual servers, 8 offices in California, family owned.

  • Checked in with IT Director to discuss Veeam Security
  • Reviewed Synology NAS and SAN storage health all OK for Veeam Security. Noted NAS for Veeam backups has two cache SSDs that aren’t used, discussed with IT Director and recommended removing them to be used as spare drives to enhance Veeam Security.
  • Removed cache drives from NAS successfully.
  • Worked on upgrading Veeam Backup and Replication to 9.5 U4 in preparation for version 11 in-place upgrade to tighten Veeam Security.
  • Completed installing update 4 and all necessary components of Veeam Security.
  • Obtained new Veeam license file with support contract updated.
  • Successfully updated Veeam to version 11 for tighter Veeam Security, all configs maintained and re-attached database.
  • Completed Veeam backup NAS cleanup to free up space from deleted old backups.
  • Discussed Veeam Security with IT Director testing Perimeter 81 tunnel with one of the remote offices, he will check to see which office and when we can work on it. Pending update.
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