Your Outlook O365 Mail stopped working on OCTOBER 27, 2022

Your Outlook O365 Mail stopped working on OCTOBER 27, 2022

Revised 11/10/2022

microsoft outlook email problems And the 0X800 error message.

That’s it, gang. No more email with Outlook. October 27 was the date.


Since 2015, most laptops (90%) have been built with a TPM Chip.

And Microsoft REQUIRES the TPM chip to manage internal security for Multi-Factor Authentication processes. TPM means Trusted Platform Module.

NO TPM, NO Outlook after the last round of updates.

So….if your laptop (like brand new Lenovo’s bought in China) has NO TPM chip, then your Outlook will death-loop the dreaded “enter your password” box and each time you put in your password, it will flash, asking for your password, over and over without success.


BUT- there is hope. Some laptops (like Dell Latitudes) come with a TPM chip, but it is NOT enabled out of box. You must go through BIOS (F12) then click on Security and enable the TPM chip. BUT this doesn’t always work because the first TPM chips are not compatible with MS now MF securities. But it’s worth a try.

The only work around, sadly, is to go buy a new laptop with a modern TPM chip.


You have a laptop with a TPM Chip, like a Dell Lattitude, but it is not enabled, you need to go (F12 during launch) to BIOS and find Security/TPM chip and enable it…Clear it first and then enable and check all the boxes.

After that, you need to go in MICROSOFT SUPPORT (often INSIDE OF YOUR OUTLOOK APP)

You WILL NEED TO add 2 Reg keys (easy) and update 1 Reg key (easy). And then reboot your computer.

Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t. And your OneDrive…..Probably, your OneDrive doesn’t work either (same MFA process for Sharepoint). You need to look through those same MS Support pages for the fix for OneDrive. It’s more complicated, but there is a ‘quick fix’ app that you can click on and run that can fix the problems all at once. Reboot and cross fingers.

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