Extraordinary Home Networking Security Sensors

Extraordinary Home Networking Security Sensors

luxury ski home-security sensorsIT’S NEW STUFF. Our dreams finally come true.

Our partners say that IPSOFACTO builds and manages the best home networks in the world: the things that go beep, the things with a green light, and the things that protect you at night.

And now, at last, one of the wishes has finally come true. HOME SENSORS!

We can now install sensors for humidity, temperature, flood, and a host of other damaging intrusions.

Usually, our clients with Extraordinary Homes own Extraordinary Vacation Homes; used for skiing when the snow is good or boating when the weather is beautiful. Maybe they are occupied 4 weeks of the year. These houses can run equipment costing over $100k. SENSORS help us protect it.

Once the sensor has detected the intrusion, we are able to rectify the problem quickly and easily, without burdening the owners, and definitely without the owner showing up, skis or bathing suits in hand, only to be hit hard by a frustrating or annoying problem to deal with during a snowy winter or a brilliant summer.

What’s AWESOME? Extraordinary Homeowners can also (now) satisfy the new requirements of insurance companies. Sensors allow the networks we install to receive feedback from Extraordinary Home interiors, feedback relating to slow and undetectable intrusion by water, temperature, and humidity, as well as temperature control equipment failures like A/C’s or Dehumidifiers.

IPSOFACTO builds the best networking technologies into Extraordinary Homes. Let us help you shape your home into a secure and protected, happy home.

Steve Boullianne, Multiple post-graduate degrees, Mind/Body/Spirit enthusiast, & a member of Mensa. Loves Skiing, Scuba, and Food. Steve’s First job out of college was programming satellites for AT&T. Founded IPSOFACTO in 1996, Y2K boom, e-Commerce super success, 2.1 boom. Steve is ready to Mediate high quality for all life, our one planet, and human kindness. Loves to dance and tell jokes. Steve believes that Excellent Communication is key to human success (and failure). Steve has 3 sons who are his STARS. They will carry the world into a brilliant future. Since 1996, Steve has been a volunteer drug and alcoholism counselor in the Bay Area. The power of the Great Spirit is in you. Steve is a good friend to have.


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