IT’s Tech in the Hiring Process

IT’s Tech in the Hiring Process

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The Hiring process is a whole new system than what it used to be. Some major corporations have too many applicants clamoring to get in and have their resume seen for the position they most desire. And with the help of sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, and many more; IT has been able to implement tech into their HR departments to help with the process.

As soon as Industry 5.0 starts being introduced throughout the industry, there is no doubt that it will have the capacity to improve every recruitment and HR process out there. And according to some tech visionaries, it will bring the old human touch back. The cognitive intelligence, the accuracy and the precision of smart tech will allow recruiters to screen prospective candidates and employees quicker and more efficiently than ever before, resulting in a faster hiring process all over.

Multiple recruitment companies and HR teams have already started to introduce AI into their internal processes to improve many low-level, day-to-day tasks which can often consume a significant amount of time. AI has the capacity to screen candidates and select the top-notch interviewees without bias. The smart systems focus on the main candidate criteria, such as experience, qualifications, and skills. This will reduce discrimination throughout. AI will be programmed to ensure that they don’t run the risk of having any unconscious bias that humans occasionally do.

There’s even such a thing as AI chatbots – such as Mya – that are increasing in popularity due to their ability to help carry out daily tasks, such as arranging interviews and answering candidate questions. IT implements this to allow HR professionals to focus on the emotional and communicative aspect of hiring, which AI is unable to do. As well as improving the hiring system for everyone involved, AI can also enhance the job search and application process for candidates. Chatbots and AI systems have the ability to swiftly scan an application for the necessary criteria and alert the candidate if the position is suitable for them and help them land that dream job they’ve been looking for.

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